Do you get a notification when you're featured?


When you're featured or put on rising or game changers do you get some sort of notification for it?
Also don't mind the projects on my profile, a sweet girl wanted to talk to me about something
P.S. Thank you guys sooo much for 20 likes on my YouTube project!


Also, returned? Is that a typo?


@mobcraft yeah whoops
Thx for telling me


Well you usually get a
The Hopsxotch Team liked your project


Also congrats!




Nope, you just check and start screaming! :3
Also, what's your hopscotch username? I'd like to see this YouTube project!




Potter Productions is my username


Nope, no notification! :smile:


Okay thx
@poptart0219 you're free to close this now if you want to


THT likes your project but that's it :smiley: