Do you feel accepted on Hopscotch?


Hi friends. (HA NONEXISTENT ONES) I just wanted to see if people feel happy. If you don't, I am ALWAYS open to talk.




Like, do you feel like people are kind to you?


Everyone on the forum is super awesome! I love them all in their own way. :smile:


Acceptance is when people aren't discriminating against you because of your race, religion, culture, gender, age, sexuality, etc.


what is going on here


Me asking if everyone is happy and if they aren't if I can help.


OH ty. and yah, i am happy on hopscotch. are you? @LGBT.Coder


I am perfect and happy!:wink:


Partially. On Hopscotch itself I wish I was more recognized, but in the forum I feel rather worried. BUT I'm here to help you all, not me.


aw you should b accepted though everone is the same


why do you feel worried @LGBT.Coder?


I'm A Happy Coder :D


On my first post I got comments that were homophobic and were not supportive of my account. But it's nothing I'm not used to.


Pun pun pun! You are a fantastic Hopscotcher by the way!


Hehe. Thanks! My username is very good for things like that.


I love Hopscotch, and I feel happy! I do have some haters, but I just report their bad projects!


Thats NOT FAIR. People should accept u for who u r


Well, unfortunately the world is messed up. Homophobia rules it, and if you happen to be LGBTQ+, you don't have it easy.


I'm not happy, but for me, that's my happy.