Do you ever have dreams about Hopscotch?


The title explains it let me say mine....

Once I was promoted leader I got a notifcation and as well needed to take a quiz but did not pass so I did not get promoted

Last night I had a dream about meeting the boy in @tankt2016 it was awesome for some reason he new my adres.s so he sent
Iike fan stuff (I am not even famous!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Then I saw him on the forum and we met up in real life it was weird!

Exsplain yours!

I had a dream! (Hopscotch related)
Dream last night (Hopscotch Related!)
Dream last night (Hopscotch Related!)
Some dream I had

What? Well, the new beta is out! Did you see it?


I can't remember, but I think I have!


I have weird dreams but I wish meeting you in real life was real I thought it was!


What did he look like? And bot.


Brown hair white skin some normal clothes


Also what happend is we played mineplex together but it was like in real life and it was weird I have weird dreams...

Chef City collab?

I don't even know what miniplex is!



It's a minecraft server!


I don't play video games.


You play hopscotch apparently!


That is a game, not a video game. BOT


By the way, you a re climbing up on my most liked by list!


I've had one strangely like The Bot's revenge story. :sweat_smile:


You're famous! And cool! What did you think he looked like?

We don't even know what Mineplex is; we don't even play it!

I once had a dream I met @SmileyAlyssa in a parking lot and she had dark blond hair and peach skin. Wavy hair. But anyway, in that dream, she was like around 25 years old. And she had an iPad with her. This was like months ago, in February.


Brown hair and white skin!


He actually has brown hair—but it is slightly blackish—and tan skin! :D Correct. :D Same with me, the girl, but I have black-brown hair. :D Almost black. :D


I pictured it kinds black as well!


How do you know what he looks like?! :D


Whoa, that's cool!

I had a dream Liza came to our school and we played Hopscotch during Math Time. That was the best dream I've ever had! :sweat_smile: