Do you do type-based programming?


Has anyone here moved from Hopscotch to type-based programming (like Python, Javascript, or Swift)?

If so, we want to hear from you!

Post a message here if you want to talk to us about you experience learning a new language after Hopscotch. We'd like to have a Google Hangout or Skype with you and your parents next week to hear about what it was like.




I want to do python soon. My goal is to learn this year.


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Anyways, if you do have a hangouts, YEYAYAYAYAYA


A Skype...?
My goal is to learn Javascript, but I'm nowhere close.
I'd really like to talk to you guys (THT) but I guess I can't...


She did that to get past the filter! XP



wait its banned....
wow but k.


Liza is on, I wonder if she'll reply to us...


I have learned a bunch of different languages past Hopscotch (and have learned them much quicker as a result!) and made a few of my own! :smiley:

Also, I think the omtl is good here:




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I learnt HTML, JavaScript, PHP and Swift before Hopscotch.


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oh interesting! you learned after Hopscotch after those three?


I have done a little Java script and I'm just starting swift playgrounds!

I hope to expand in these languages, hopscotch has been helping me :D


I started Python before Hopscotch, but after Hopscotch, I've transitioned to Lua, Java and around 4 other languages!


I'm trying to teach myself Ruby right now, but failing miserably ;-;


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I'm trying to learn as many coding languages as I can right now, since I only know Hopscotch :0:

I'm competing in a coding competition for my school (and about 25 other schools) and I really need to do my best. Or my school wouldn't like me anymore. XD

I'll be trying my best to learn Python, Java, and Ruby for now XD


Good luck! :D