Do you consider yourself famous?


Ok, so I was wondering how many people consider themselves famous! Like, when @Lazylizard spam liked me, I was super exited, and she didn't think she was famous! And, like when @Fun_in_the_Sun followed my brother, my brother was SOO happy, but he said no ones ever been exited like that before!

I don't consider myself famous at all! I consider @tankt2016 and @PandaBlossom kinda famous! So, @tankt2016 and @PandaBlossom, do you consider yourselves famous?

So, do you consider yourselves famous? Some people I look up to don't think their famous, but I do!

You can also ask if people think your famous here!

So, are you famous?

Ps. I know hopscotch isn't about fame, I just want to see who thinks they're famous!
Pss. Remember, this is just a fun topic, but hopscotch isn't about fame!
Psss. Even if your not famous, everyone is great! Please only post positive replies here so this doesn't get closed! Thanks!

Do you consider yourself famous? Version 2

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Idk am I famous?

Almost all my projects are close to the top of trending at some point

I've been featured once


I consider you famous. So, yah maybe?


Really, Thanks :blush:

Did you consider me famous before this?


Before what, this topic?


I'm not sure if I'm famous
I don't think I am though because nobody really knows me
And I've never gotten featured
What do you think?



I was just wondering


Yah, honestly! I've always thought of you has famous, and I love your projects!


I kinda consider you famous

I love your account



I'm kinda famous! I made this "Make cotton candy" project and got like maybe about 400+ likes. It went on rising. I got a lot of likes after that project. I'm also on trending a lot. My pet adoption is on trending, near the top. But I mostly consider myself eh.


Thank you so much you made my day

What do you mean


Do you consider me famous? Please answer honestly, I won't be offended if you don't, because I don't think any one doesn't! XD I don't really care about fame Much!


Yes your kinda famous :innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent::innocent:


Cool topic! Remember, don't say negative things, and we will be good. Also, it's not a popularity contest! Everyone here is awesome. :D (That's just a friendly reminder, nobody here is doing those things.)

I guess I consider myself famous. :D

What do you guys think?


Really, thanks! I love your projects btw!


I am not famous.
I occasionally get on trending, and my projects usually get 50-115 likes. So yeah.


Sorry if I made a bad topic. I know it's not a popularity contest, I just think it's funny how I think someone's famous but they don't think they are! I just was curios!
I think your famous tho!



I don't know.


Yeah kinda....

I like your music-ly post