Do you check the projects on the newest tab?


  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Rarely


Please type your answer below so I know who answered what!
I just wanna know if people check the projects which actually have a chance of getting into rising (not the rps or remixes)


Yes I do.............


I do check newest but there's always nothing in there besides chats, remixes and rps but if I see a good project I like it :D because I like making hopscotchers happy!


I just published a project a day ago , can you check it out.. It's called ant smasher


Sometimes. But really on the newest tab are not very interesting projects. It's usually just like random spirals and rps.


Yes! I do it! Not the RPs, Chatrooms, or lottery/contest remixes, though!

When @smishsmash started, I was going through the art section when her draw pad struck my eye! I began to enjoy it and gave her some tips. (She had recently started)


I do it all the time!

If I manage to find a good, coded project in the midst of all the chats and stuff, I like it! Hopefully they know who I am, and they become happy from that! :D


You just described everytime I go into newest XD