Do you ask to become a leader?


Do you email tht to ask to become a leader? And what are the requirements? Do you have to be a popular coder? Is there like an election? Idk.


If you ask I think that lowers your chances. You also have to be a reg first.


You have to be in the forum for a long time and be highly trusted by everyone.

EDIT: @Niftynia75 beat me to it. :frowning:


But I know you'll get there soon!


Am I trusted?!?!? I think this leader thing can effect someone's self esteem


Soooooo many quechions


Nope, it might lower your chances of becoming one.
You must be mature, helpful, respectful, and have been on for a long time and be active, you must also be a very respected, and trusted member of the community!
Nope, THT hand promotes leaders! :D


But a lot of people are those things.


Is there anything above leader?




Oh okay good to know!!!!


To be a leader mods have to choose you, that's why there aren't many leaders. Leaders have a lot of responsibilitys so the mods only choose smart helpful people to be leaders.
Leaders do stuff like
- aproove flags
- close topics
- other stuff i don't know about prob

If you want to be a leader then try to help people more (and resist the urge to spend a whole day on the drawing topic XD)


Nope that's not what a leader does.

Leaders close topics they think that need to be closed, they also help stop flame wars, they are role models to the community, and they help keep the forum moving

Mods do that, but they also deal with flags, new users, suspensions, looking up IPs, and blocking users.


I remember a leader complaining about all the flags they have to disaprove.... Nevermind.


Rats I came late

Anyways, leaders are manually promoted. They can close topics, pin topics, etc. They are kind and helpful people, which is why they were promoted to leader in the first place. Also, there are quite a lot of people asking these kinds of questions.


You have to be made a leader by THT. You can nominate another person for leader, but they might not become a leader. I'll nominate you!


The nomination topic is not official.


It's not? I did it anyway xD
Didn't you nominate yourself on it?


That's somewhat of a joke
My self-nominations