Do we need to stop


Hi,and I help some bad news as my friend bullied my friend and I am sad to see that plz tell me do I need to bully her or not

  • Don't bully
  • Bully



Plz tell me,plz,plz,plz


No matter what happens you should never bully anyone! :hugging:
What's this got to do with hopscotch?:thinking:


I agree with @PumpkinGirl, how is this Hopscotch related? If it is, and if it was on hopscotch, you should e-mail Hopscotch. I email them when I have questions, comments or concerns.


Um is this hs related and u should never bully anyone nor you should never get bulkied


You shouldn't Bully, just tell the teacher or just firmly tell her to stop

And like people said before , everything has to be hopscotch related


Ok,thx a lot.there is 96% that is don't bully and 4% that is bully


Umm :neutral_face: how is this related to HS


:neutral_face::neutral_face:I have problems in my school so I asked so plz do it


Idk why you are like this :neutral_face:


How is this Hopscotch related?
Remember all topics have to be related to hopscotch!