Do we need to make a topic whenever we'll be off?

Just searching "inactive", I found a lot of topics announcing that the creator would be off for a bit. I know it's fine to make them, but is that not a lot of topics?

I was thinking, what if this topic got turned into a place to announce inactivity. It could keep the topic number down, and it could be very convenient.

I saw a topic similar to this, although it was only for updates on one person.

This may just be a bad idea, but I do think at least people shouldn't be making a bunch of topics for one thing, at least posting it in a general topic instead might be good, idk?


Yeah, I do that too.


Great idea!

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Yes, or perhaps put it in your bio.

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I rarely come on weekends, and occasionally I don't come on full weeks, and I don't tell anyone. I don't think it's that important

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I think you can announce smaller inactivities in your general topic, and maybe only announce bigger in separate topics.

Good point!


Why was this flagged what the

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I don't even know I just got here and it was flagged

It is a spambot. Just ignore it :)