Do we need the Forum Leaders Again?


Do you think we need the Forum Leaders Again??

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No


P.S: I'm going to close this poll when it reaches 50 votes.


We have forum leaders :stuck_out_tongue:


Due to the fact that THT isn't on during the weekends, we need leaders to help moderate during those time periods. Some stuff went down last night that could've been stopped if someone was moderating it.:confused:


I mean like PopTart0219, Kiwicute2016 and Anonymous.


We're all leaders, I think regular is enough to take care of the community. Plus our former mods pretty much are done with being a mod and want to relax


I actually Miss having Leaders :)
Sometimes it takes more time for the Mods to Answer.


Like @Razor I think we, the community, are capable of sorting out fights. Maybe not suspending users, but we can call in THT for that.


True, but Regs can't close topics. If we had Leaders, then maybe the flame wars from yesterday might not have happened.


They could, by flagging :stuck_out_tongue:


The Mods are away on Weekends :(


They're still on, just even less.

Like @Rodrigo is usually on to close topics and stuff.


Flagging would make them MORE angry.
Plus that doesn't stop them from writing more mean stuff.


No, but it can close topics.


Oh.. I totally forgot!!
The Bot :)


Yeah and liza and all the other ht members close topics!
And @system closes topics when that topic has so many replys!


Don't you miss them?!
It was fun having them around :)


Well yeah but everybudy feels like a leader already though! (Like razor said!)
But regular is still awesome!


Yeah it was fun!!!!!!


Yeah it was.

But hey, I'm fine with moving on.


It's just hard :(