Do we need something to earn in the Forum?



Do we need something like a leader or a Moderator that you have to be picked for?



What could it be:

Please set this to Global Edit?


I don't know who can...


Just use this:




Well, the thing is they've kinda changed the forum. It's harder to become a leader and moderator. Eventually, they are gonna keep the mods and will upgrade leaders but make it that you can't become a leader!

That's what I heard.


They've demoted all of the leaders and mods, just THT are leaders now. All of the old mods quit, and one leader quit. ;n;


That is really sad! Why would they do that? Can I still be a mod?


I don't really know, maybe you should check out Liza's topic about it. There is almost no chance of being a leader or mod now. ;-;