Do we need moderators?



Recently on the forums, as the community has grown, so has the number of duplicate, off topic, etc. posts on the forums.
This is fine to a point, but it has gotten a bit out of hand...
Just from searching "ideas" I see 9 different threads which are all the same problem worded slightly differently.
Also, there have been a lot of off topic replies. On a completely unrelated thread people will post things like:
"I just made a post about my new game look at it plz"
"My game isn't working help!"

These users know what the rules are, they just aren't thinking of them when posting.
I suggest we get a few moderators, either chosen by the Hopscotch team, elected democratically by the community, or selected based on an algorithm by a computer.
I'm not suggesting we make everything super strict cough stackoverflow cough, because then it becomes a not fun place, but just have some people to delete completely off-topic posts, mark threads as duplicates, and merge/split posts if needed.
I think it would make the forum a cleaner, better place.
But what do you think? Moderators or no moderators?

How Can I Come Moderator?
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I agree but you can always report a project by using the flag symbol underneath a post


Yes, but two things:
1. The flag system will soon be redesigned where it needs a certain number of flags to do anything
2. Moderators will be more powerful. Right now flagging is basically reporting. Moderators could actually take action, and fully delete posts, or move them, or split topics, not just report them.


I like the idea. I think maybe the hopscotch team could set up a way so people who have used this for a long time so they know they aren't computers and are truly nice and trusted could be moderators. And the hopscotch team could make it so they can't be moderators anymore if they don't do the right thing.


Awesome idea! I despise it when somebody makes a topic called I need Ideas Please. But flagging is reporting, it's just keeping the community safe.


Flagging, is NOT like reporting, flagging causes the reply/topic to be silenced and temporarily hidden until the hopscotch team completely removes it. Reporting is removing it from your screen but is still visible for other hopscotchers to see. When you report it the project is sent to the hopscotch team and they will decide to remove it or not. And the forum is still very small, so there is no need for moderators on the forum.


What I meant is that flagging does not solve the problem. The moderators job is mainly to follow up on flagged posts. What if someone keeps posting spam on the forums? Ok, we flag their posts... but the post is still there, and they will just keep posting. A moderators job is to look at that and then decide whether to ban that person for spam. And then what about on the other side? Someone keeps flagging posts for no reason. Well, we can't flag a flag, so we have to get a moderator to remove it. The whole point is that moderators have more power than us. They can do things we can't to make the forums better. And yeah, we can flag posts, but we can't stop people from replying to them, we can't stop people from spaming the forums, we can't stop people from unnecessarily flagging posts, etc.
Most of all, we need people for judgement. It can't be up to anyone in the community whether a post should or should not be here, whether something is spam or not, etc. We need someone to make those decisions.

And @SQUISHY the forum is not very small. The forum is big, and it is growing. In the last 7 days we have had 156 new users and 1.5 thousand posts. The forum is growing exponentially and there are a lot of things going on that need someone with more privileges then just "Temporarily hide a post"
The Hopscotch team can not be responsible for 1.5 thousand posts a week. They have to make hopscotch!


This is a good suggestion. I think there are several things happening:

  • it's hard to see that you can search for your question, so people just create a new topic
  • many posts don't have a clear title ("My game is not working" is probably a legit post, but they should be more specific in the title)
  • everyone is excited to share ideas and doesn't always give their post a good read before sharing

I think the most important thing to do is make it more obvious that you can (and should!) search before creating a new topic. If we encourage everyone to do this first before posting, we'll definitely have fewer redundant posts. Any ideas on how to do this?

Moderators would also be helpful in removing off-topic posts and directing conversation.

For now, anyone can flag something as off-topic or inappropriate, and we'd love your help doing so. You can also reply to someone and let them know their post is similar to [this other post] and encourage them to search first next time.

More to come, and thanks for raising this!



I think really the only way to encourage a user to search before asking is through them learning not to, and us being stricter. What that means is that when someone posts a duplicate question we flag it (Or, if your a moderator/admin, close it) and post "This is a duplicate of Your question has been answered there. Please use the search feature to see if your post has already been asked before posting next time."
The only problem with this is no one is going to actually take the time to make that post, so there is something else I want to suggest.
Flag options:
When you flag someones post, something comes up where you select either:
Off Topic

If you pick duplicate you have to specify the post it is a duplicate of, or if you select "Other" It makes you reply to the thread stating why it is not right for the site before the flag actually goes through.
When a question is closed for too many flags, it will automatically have the system post a reply to the thread saying something related to what it was flagged for. For example, a question about baking pancakes was flagged as a duplicate:
"Your post has been flagged as a duplicate of "Can I make pancakes in Hopscotch?" (Note: The topic name would be a link to the topic it is a duplicate of)
Please use the search bar in the top right to check if your question has been answered before next time."

Then, it becomes basically a two click process to flag something and it gives context to the OP.


Hey, this is a very great discussion, here are a few points I'd like to make:

• If someone does receive a lot of flags, a feature like suspension would be helpful.
When people first come to the forum, they do have a limit on posts which prevents spam, and also you can't post a comment with less than 20 characters or so.

But automatic suspension for a length of time if someone receives a large number of flags would prevent them from trying to continue at least.

My mistake with the next one, I thought I remembered not being able to add a comment to a topic when it had been closed down.

• Topics that are similar to your own are shown already when you create a new one.
The computer automatically shows what topics are similar to yours already when you are creating a new topic, and people can check out topics that are similar to theirs already.

From How to ask questions like a pro:

I agree that people might not notice it though when they are posting.

• Duplication isn't necessarily a bad thing.
If your topic is slightly similar to another one but you have extra points to add, it's more useful to have it in a new topic.

This not only makes it easier to search up, but also it's better having it in a different topic rather on the same one as people naturally don't often scroll all the way down and read through other comments.

I learnt this from Discourse (what this forum is based on) and I think it is quite true but it is a little frustrating when people ask things that have already been answered too.

But I don't think duplication is inappropriate or wrong or bad enough to be flagged, and besides, duplicate posts can have a lot of useful info too (:

• Unclear titles
And I have been editing titles of posts where I think it would be more useful if the title was worded differently and to make it clearer. I will only do it when it's not very clear.

And finally, if you do need moderators, I would absolutely love to help! :smiley:


Well I was on a forum and there were moderators and 4/5 of my projects were deleted and as Liza said I was on about using flagging for now, i was on a rush to post and didn't put my whole point of view on


Yes that is a good idea. If there were moderators it would be better because, yeah. MMORPG games have them if there are mean things.. Same with forums if someone is mean or off-topic we simply flag them and it should be seen in 1-30 hours if possible. Is this off-topic? PLEASE DONT FLAG ME!!! If it is I will remove/edit from my post but kindly ,@Violetcupcake987, me!@Liza


I know where you're going SQUISHY. Maybe we should wait until the forum has stuff and has more people to decide, but then I do agree with the idea. So maybe we should wait? O_O


I agree, we need moderators. Great idea.



And we also need some leaders to help out. I completely agree with you.




I totally agree.


The forum has really grown.