Do Unto Others as You would have them do to you!


I got really mad on hopscotch, and someone said something hurtful. Why do people do this? I have many haters. :frowning: The person said "I. hate. You."


That is really offensive. D:
Report the project, or email the hopscotch team. :0

You are awesome! :D


Dont listen to them!! HAters gonnna hate u just gonna shake it off! THAT PERSON DOES NOT KNOW HOW AWESOME YOU ARE


Hate is something completely different from insulting. You can get angry if someone insults you. But there isn't anything that you can do if someone says they hate you.


This is a great opportunity, @GracefulIcing1, if in no other way than to live up to the name that you have chosen for yourself. How will you use it?


I would need to email, but it's filtered.


First step: Report! That is disrespectful and rude.
Then: Ignore this person. I can tell this is going to be the type of person that keeps bugging- so email THT if it happens again or gets worse.
Also: You are AMAZING! I cannot believe someone would say that to you! DO NOT LET THIS GET TO YOU! You are awesome and everybody knows it. Do not let them get under your skin!


Thanks for all the support everyone! I think I know what I need to do. @Follow4LikesOfficial @Kiwicute2016 @PopTart0219 please close this!