Do scenes affect performance?

What I mean is when I switch from a scene with a lot of clones, to a scene with less clones, does performance still stay the same as it was as if those clones still were there and rendered, or does it switch to as if there were like, less clones?


I think the clones aren’t rendered anymore, so this is what I imagine would happen with performance:

  1. When you switch, lots of stuff is happening. Old objects are removed from the rendering canvas (no longer drawn but still exist), and new objects are loaded into memory. This will slow down the game for a few frames
  2. If the new scene has less objects, it will probably perform better after switching completely. This may not always be true, as having way too many things in the first scene might mean that there is a lot less memory (RAM) left for the new scene.

I’m not really an expert on this since I do t really use scenes that much. Maybe making some test projects for your specific use case would also be beneficial!


Epic reply! Thanks a lot :smiley:


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