Do ppl know me? Or am I just seen as someone in HS?


Here we go again another one of my thought topics??
Am I?
- I know you like completely we r friends!
- never heard of you?
- I like some of ur projects but eh idk u
I'm just wondering????


Of course I know you! =D You might want to make a poll!


I forget how!!! Can u tell me how to again?? Hmmm I will try?? and u do?? Never knew?.!?


Choice 1?
Everyone is mah frennnnn

  • of course I follow u I like all ur projects we r basically beasties
  • I like most of ur projects and follow u
  • I see u on the forum a lot and we talk sometimes as well as I know u in HS
  • why am I even in this topik I don't know u
  • I have seen I a couple times either forum and HS



HIt the settings button all the way to the right on the thing that you type on


.? Huh I made one a,ready??


Click the button at the top of your post that looks like this: :gear:
Then, select the Build Poll option. Type your poll options in the bubble. You can change the poll type, and decide if you want to show who voted or make it an anonymous poll. =D
(I really like your profile picture, by the way!)


I'm stuck on which one to pick XDD


Aww thanks!!!
@SnowGirl_Studios do u still have the OMTL in ur copy so u can paste here if u don't mind??


Oh thanks and thanks I found it online I think that pic really represents me XD


Oh ok!!! Take ur time no rush!!


I'm confused how do I make it public anyways either way I have a poll now!!

tag list


@happy12345678910 Yep I still have it lol


Why do you keep tagging me?
Lol XD.
Okay I have no clue what I'm doing.


I know you! We are friends :)


I might know you @happy12345678910 :thinking:


Lol yeah same I'm not sure if I know u never heard of u

hm hm queen


Hahahahahah I don't know u either...wonder why I tagged u here!


¯\⌒(ツ)⌒/¯. TBH you sound a little familiar...