"Do people play my projects?"


I know. Popularity isn't an item. It doesn't matter.

I would, however, enjoy seeing if anyone here knows people that play my games. Don't we all? This is where you ask/say things like that!


"Hey, @Rawrbear, there was a kid in my home room playing your game! (Explains in further detail.)

BAD Example:


I would like to see if I have impacted anyone, so:

Have you seen people playing my games?


I liked it quick!


No kidding!
@SmilingSnowflakes was a close second!

Can't like... :heart::heart::heart:

EDIT: 6 likes in a minute is not healthy! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I sadly don't know any real Hopscotchers besides my friend but they never get on!


@Gilbert189 I have seen some one play your projects iPad them too but @coffee7 I saw play one


True story:

I caught myself playing somebody's project. It was amazing.


@huggingfluffybear, my friend was obsessed with beating my high score on your "Birds and Bees!" game!

@Mathgirl, some kids in my class loved your game on featured recently!


Wow really?mi thought it was a eh game! BuT no!


Is this true?! :smiley:


@Huggingfluffybear you think it was okay? I loved it too!


Yeah! Like 7 people! :smile:


that's like telling your science teacher "on Average, 100% of bones in the human body make up the skeletal system."
XD don't take this as a mean comment or threat pls


Wow thanks a lot! Also I did not say this but credit to my mom for the idea of birds!


That's why I said it! That was an "argument" my friend said to me a while ago! :laughing:


I LOVE YOUR PROJECTS, LIKED MOST OF THEM!! I thought you were one of the famous people :blush:


No. "Nice Topic" in 7 minutes is not healthy. We're gonna have to investigate. :joy:


I play your projects...I know no other irl Hopscotchers so I never saw someone else playing your projects though XD

I gave ya a Nice Topic cuz I can


Yeah parents give you the ideas my dad gave me the idea of messing with wait ___ milliseconds on music XD lets get back topic


Wow, really? Even though I'm still working on it?


What were they playing? Did they like it?