Do not overuse the OMTL


Hello everyone. Recently, I have been misused a lot. I would like to provide reasons why the recent misuses are misuses, so that you may improve.

Guidelines broken:
Do not tag for small things which don’t matter, in the grand scheme of things.
Do not tag on a general topic except for projects.

Guidelines broken:
Do not tag for things which would be better suited for a personal tag list, except Hopscotch projects.

If you look, you can see that not all general topic tags in the past week are included. This is because It’s okay to tag in a general topic, but only if it is related in some way to a Hopscotch Project. Otherwise, it is not allowed.
Example of good tag in a general topic:

I hope this was useful. ~@OMTL


omgee hi poptart

nu flag

Also, I-


-strongly agree with this. Maybe we could have the OMTL locked for basic users/members?


But is this not what POMTL is for?


@SunkM-Productions. You’ve been named twice.


Thank you for reminding everyone! Hopefully, you don´t have to post another reminder.


Dude, you don’t need to bring that here.

Just leave it alone.


It should be for members+, not regular+


Well… you can get member in a matter of days.

And, the making of groups is regular+, so why not this? :woman_shrugging:


coughs i’m not regular, lol.

although i don’t use the OMTL much so idc i guess XD


Yeah that sounds about right.

Or maybe we could add an entirely new trust level called ‘User’ that’s harder to get than member but its easy to keep



But wouldn’t Discourse have to do that?


This is a nice wake-up call for some people who have been misusing omtl!!


I mean… then I can’t ever use the omtl


@Kitty4U hmmmmhmmmm

See this


I have a life outside of here I won’t visit that much


Ah, okay.

Well, I guess you better hope this won’t be implemented soon!


No. If we restrict the ONTL member plus.


thAt’s wHat I sAid


why are you tagging the omtl

this topic is literally about not overusing it


Oops, wrong OMTL. Sorry