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Continuing the discussion from The Sims 4 trading drafts collab! Mega collab! NEEDS A 3D Person!:

Well yes, I am doing this again we are starting exsactly where we were.

i have the latest.

And making a account!!! :-0

Ok so this is based off of the sims four!

No one from the old topic will be in the collab I may request some people.

In order to join you must follow these requirements.

  1. Must have had hopscotch for over 50 days.

  2. Will be active.

  3. One person can code for one day MAX

  4. Must be nice

  5. Have fun!! :slight_smile:


Link to your best project



I ask for you to join! :slight_smile:

Hope you can!


Also @bluedogmc-official you were in the old one correct?


@anonymous is reading this.


On computer no link but U can search cute dog and it should come up..
It's not my best but it's my best in my new account
Username DiamondStars
Gender Girl


BTW I was in the old one and I was a beta tester!
Link to your best project
Username HS- Sweetlina​:purple_heart: Forum- Sweetlina
Gender(optional) Female


@Sweetlina @Hermione thanks a ton I will look at these projects and your accounts!


I don't think was..

Even if I was i don't really have time now!



This time, everyone will get to do anything unless they don't want to.


Link to your best project
It's not my most liked project, but I'm most proud of it!
Username PenguinGaming713
Gender(optional) Girl

I was in the last one! I'll be happy to do music again!


Like I said, we allready are keeping the old project just a new clean fresh topic.