Do I have to be a regular to make a group?


I really need to make a group for something and I don't know how if anyone wants to help out please do does anyone know how?



Here's the link for creating groups:


I'm pretty sure.. You ask a admin.


It's not there oh nvm ....waits for edit





I believe only mods can make groups, ask t1! :D


I did on their make a group topic does t1 work for hopscotch or something or r they just well trusted by them?


She's an intern for Hopscotch, I think, but you should ask her yourself :D


That's cool lol I had no clue that she did that stuff untill today but that's really awesome


You don't have to be a regular to make a group. Just ask @t1_hopscotch
@LegendOfFriday wants to make a group.


Only Moderators can make groups