Do I have regular still?


I was just flagged twice on my nuke testing, and I think I lost Regular. It still says I have the badge, but I ant access the lounge or rename topics. Did I loose regular?


It looks like you do !
Maybe it’s a glitch


I don’t lol


ITs five flags.


Neither do I.

Too many flags.

If I get less than five flags, I could get it back on May 2nd.


I got two MORE flags. I definitely have 5 flags


Go to and check how many flags in the past 100 days.


Lol I lost mine from flags


I lost regular from flags too


Wow. Everyone did. @Liza @Rodrigo people really need to stop flagging anything that strikes their fancy.


Yeah it was recently talked about


For me, it says that you have member, sadly.


Don’t worry.

You should have it back by April or so.


Same happened to me but i didn’t have regular but I couldn’t get it though so I made a new account