Do I cause a lot of flames also you probably won't be seeing me


Do I cause all the flame wars
Also you probably not be seeing ever again because of


I fixed a typo in the title c:

Well, it wasn't just her hurting you, you hurt her feelings too ;-;

If you forgive eachother you will both by much happier c:

Pls forgive eachother c:

I'm over it, I forgive both of you :D

It's your choice to leave, I don't want you to, but I can't control that ;-;


I already apologized @smishsmash :grinning:


PI didn't believe your apology


Everyone makes mistakes.

OR do they?


No, I was replying to the flame war thing.


Well,you take a lot of things personally,and that can cause them.
Try and take jokes and that sort lightly, and don't cause a big issue over an insult, be the better person and forget about it!


Maybe we shouldn't talk about this. It could start flame wars.