DMF's new projects topic // GAME CHANGER



Woahhhh Looks good! Good job! really like the colours n everything =DDD


Can you flag me, and thanks :slight_smile:


Fine. I will flag you only once.


Flag something in my GT


FINE, but just because you asked for it…


Glammy, don’t do it. @DMF, quit trying to get flagged. Also, it really does look like the thing on Duolingo.


The flags are getting you anywhere anyways. You still have regular, and you are still awesome. It’s not like you are getting flagged for actually doing something wrong.


It does look really good!


Woah – that trail art looks amazing!


hi idk if you remember me but OMG I LOVE THESE HOW ARE THEY SO AMAZING


math is my life… i dont know how i would survive without it


I remember you dude, hi MC!!!


Hi people!
It’s been a year since I coded something. But yES I DID IT I PUBLISHED A PROJECT
There’s also a challenge about it (play to see it)



First like besides yours :DDd


Cool Christmas tree! I think that it is among the best looking trail arts of Christmas trees that I’ve seen on Hopscotch.


@hopscotch-curators I nominate this for featured!


omg thank you so much!
I think it’s better to nominate it on the official topic btw ;]


I love it!
The shadow, the turns, wow.
You are know me idol


Cool cover! Can’t wait to check it out.


lol XD