DM/PM in hopscotch!?



It would be cool and better to message people on hopscotch. Like if your sending a password so nobody else knows what it is. It could be a seprate tab where you make a new message and send something. The hopscotch team could censore/block certain words if neccasry so you can't see what that word says.


I think there isn't something like this, because people could get bullied with private messages.


I just said it was an idea and hopscotch can block somewords and they could block people.


I was thinking about the same thing! It would sure clean up all the chat projects... But yeah people could get bullied or harassed and no one else would know.
(You spelled "privately" wrong :stuck_out_tongue: )


Really and I know.
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couldn't you just screenshot the mean comments and e-mail the hopscotch team about it?


Good idea!


Thought about this but they could be looked over by hopscotch before being sent to know if they bad or not.