Djsadkjasjdkahsdkjskj(i liek testing)


Testing stuff is fun.


Please don't clog the forum was to these types of messages.. It is getting annoying.. :E


L, got taht.

Wait, what is this topic about...


title changes a lot for me. XD


Please don't clog up the fourm with this or at least explain what it is


I'm not sure if this topic will be approved by the mods. Maybe recycle this and turn it into a topic for testing out forum hacks?




Lol so is this how you make a line


Kool lines

Anyways @Phase_Admin this is unrelated and does not make sense.


Such text much WOW
Is this related


I don't know.
Should I tag a mod to see what to do?


Ok, this does not make a lick of sense. 0-0

Could you please not make these testing topics? I invited a leader and a mod to discuss this


Wut is da purpose of dis


Hi! If you want to make a testing topic, maybe tell people not to reply and recycle it after you test?

Or maybe test things like this in forum tricks topics?

Please don't clog the forum!



I guess this is a test or topic with a hidden meaning like usual, but these topics are starting to get even less helpful, and clog up the forum.


@Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @Intellection74 @Gilbert189


@Phase_Admin, it's fine if you test, but if possible, try not to make it a whole topic.

Would you like to recycle? Or I could close. :slight_smile:


close it plz