//// DjokoviC \\\\


I'm going to be posting way leesss



so. i have no idea why you want to read about my pathetic little life but okay.

so this is a kids forum, and school is starting soon and I'm in 8th grade and turning 13 yeeyy (my English teacher would hate that sentence), so im taking myself out of this place so I can be a teen yay and for no other reasons at all.

and plus I've been getting annoyed and depressed and I really shouldn't be here.

also I really need to focus on Spanish and math, because like everyone else here I don't just pass through those with an ease


I think hopscotch could be for anyone, but I understand! I hope you focusing on school more will be better for you. :) ahh... I remember my Spanish days..


Allright @PopTart0219.


Okee! But, can you sometimes log in at random times, so we still have Beyónce? :D


But... But... Beyoncé?!? :scream::scream:


I'm still doing mod stuff but I'm not going to be posting that much k

What has happened to the forum?

I respect your desicion :)
Have fun enjoying laif! :D

Bai Beyónce ;-;


Don't stop singing queen bee!


Omg Spanish is hard as fish


Very well OmNomSusie. I accept and enjoy el #teenlife.


Why is this called "Djokovic" lol?


Like I'm a master at English but in Spanish I'm like
No Habla Espanol


Same! :tada: :flag_es:


I understand. School and stuff get in the way of Hopscotch sometimes :slight_smile:


Hokay Beyoncé
I'm still 11, I would be taller than mai mum by da time I'm 13


I hope you feel better!


Ok, I respect your decision :D

Have a nice life, although I think the forum can be for anyone :D

Bai! :D


I understand, I hope school won't be too busy for me but I might not be as active too! I had my first day today. Good luck with school, hope you can still be on sometimes! :blush:


I understand. :)
I haven't been on the forum nearly as long as most of these people, and you were off when I joined, but I have gathered that you're a great person and a great moderator.

I'd just like you to know that I appreciate all you've done for the forum, and all of the laughter you've brought me.

I'll miss you, my friend. :)

(And yes, this does make it sound like you won't even do mod things anymore or be on at all, but still. You hopefully get what I mean.)


plez not again :stuck_out_tongue: