Diving Game Topic


This is the topic for discussing my Diving Game :D

So, like in my other project topics, here you can suggest new features, give feedback (wanted) and other stuff :D.

Versions and Changelog

Version 1
Diving Game


Just replying to Track this topic

Also 1st!


I'm currently working on translating the game to two new languages, Swedish and German.
@KVJ this was what I meant :D


I like this game! It is so detailed and fun! And it would be nice to make it into two languages for some of those who don't know english!



Need help?


The diving game is so cool! I really like it. I'm not an advanced coder, so I can't really give you coding tips or ideas. I know I'm not really helping but I like the game!


Not at the moment, I think i'll manage it. But thanks! I'll tag you if I need help :D


Thank you!

And @bluedogmc-official too :D


flops pathetically
nobody had a chance at winning the contest ;-;


That's amazing! That looks like a real game! It should be on featured!


How did it go with that?



I have been working a little half-heartedly on this sometimes, I dunno if I will finish it