Dividing, Being Mean, Separation, Leaving


This is not THT's fault. YOU ARE DOING THIS TO YOURSELF. You have the complete power to, not divide, leave and be mean. Instead, you could include, be nice, and STAY. Think about it, YOU are saying that the subscription is not fair. You have now separated yourself from people that think its fair. YOU make the choice to leave, not the subscription. You can just stop. You are in complete power of all of this mess. So, STOP.


Does anyone agree with me?


I agree
Heres a poll for people to answer!

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Can you make it so you can see who voted? I'm just like that. I like seeing who voted.


Heres a public one

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Votes are public.


Oh okay thanks!!!!!!


I also closed the old one


Oh okay great. So ya its kinda weird how people think tht is terrible for trying to make money. Its also kinda selfish...


Its like tht gives you this great app to code and learn- for free, but when tht wants to make money to survive, you complain. Does that seem totally fair?


Absolutely no!
People just don't get that the hopscotch team are people not machines for doing whatever we want. They have families to feed.

Ugh :s


Ikr!! Look at these reviews from the app store:


People should pay better attention to their business/economy classes. :laughing:


Ikr lolllll. Its like they dont know its public.



I just sit here thinking yhdisrgyudshyhsfiregy8hosualoeygsd

Why are people so ungrateful and why don't they get that THT needs money? facepalm


I have been face palming myself all morning about this ;-;

I want people to understand.. But.. They don't listen :\