Divided? No that's not right


We should all have the abilitys leaders and mods have. We are all people. We are not insane robots. We are divided @anoymous says it right and I'm quitting for the same reasons. People all deserve the Same things. I hope the forum improves @liza we are all humans. Yeah thanks guys.

We are divided with the update. Suddenly I'm "poor".

Mods and leaders are treated differently. Some people have two faces and they act nice to the leaders but are mean to regs and members.

People have different opinions so other people should be able to close things too sometimes other people see things the member s and mods don't.

My last work here is: improve.

Thanks guys.


There are spam bots and some people don't deserve leader, although more people may need it.

This works on both ways. Some people are nicer to leaders, but at the same time, when we do something "bad", people take it way too seriously and then they don't like you anymore.


There should be a opinion topic then on closing.


We're all humans and different people so we all have opinions.


I agree!
Please don't close this topic.


The leaders are the older people who can help us.

If everyone was a leader, everyone could close topics, edit things, etc. #Respectyourleaders


Well, I don't think everyone should have the ability to close, some people might spam close. :/


This is true. I cannot afford the update and now I am probably viewed with a lower status; and if I ever got around to making stuff, my chances of featured are way lower because I don't have photos in my project.

true, good job on that


Maybe Regular could be the default trust level.


Trust levels are called trust levels for a reason. We shouldn't have the same abilities as leaders and mods if we don't deserve it. I don't think I have the absolute skills of a leader, neither do some other people.
Yes, we're all humans, but some of us make better decisions. So I think the forum is fine how it is. We're not divided, we're united because of our love for hopscotch.



People earn levels for a reason. if everyone joined at reg, new users who don't understand the forum might cause problems..


I agree, you should have to earn your trust on the forum.


I don't think so, at least I don't view you with that :D


Also it gives you somthing to work up to :slight_smile:


Maybe you could start as a Member, get Regular after 12 hours of read time/15 days on the forum, and get Leader with the current requirements for Regular.


Leaders should be manually promoted. If they just got promoted for being on for awhile, everyone would be a leader.


Maybe there could be a better nomination system.


starting at basic seems just right, as they're not TOO overpowered.


Bye Murphy...
I'll miss you


Yeah I agree.

There are several hundred regulars At least I'm pretty sure, and if getting leader was the requirements for regular, we'd have several hundred leaders. That several hundred more than we need. XD