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Ask m anything from Q and A's to tips on being a good HSer


Uh tips? I hope this topic won't TIP after today. (Welp there's my side of Undertale trash).
What would you add to hopscotch?


Noo I meant like how to make good :blush: games


I dunno. Code games.
USE DEH DETERMINATIONS! (Ugh more Undertale trash.)


Anyway can u tell more ppl about my topic I hope it works


And by works I mean like get a lot of replies


shrugs :confused:
How do I do that? It might not seem like that, but, I'm still fairly new.


Can ppl just get a conversation going


Use this to get a lot of people.


Here's some tips I randomly made up 5 minutes ago:

  • Write down some project ideas that would be REALLY hard and detailed. Then, look at your ideas then choose which ones would not fit. Once you get down to a few ideas, shrink them down to simpler code.

  • Look at others' games, famous people like @MagmaPOP. Then check the code. Of course, don't copy it but just get the basic idea.

  • Lastly but not least, have patience! Coding takes time! I've been on for 9 months and only gotten 2 trendings and small amounts of likes and plays. Don't worry if you're not popular. Imagine yourself as a tiny little seed. Over time, you will grow into a big beautiful tree! Just keep trying.



Can I ask questions?I spelled it wrong nuuuu


Your welcome I think


Have you ever created a diss track?


She just likes diss tracks made by RiceGum


Well no I don't like doing unless I need it




Hoi fren :3
Here are a few questions

1.do you like apples?
2.do you like oranges?
3.do you like tv's?
4.do you like the name Bob?
5.do you like school?
6.are you tired?
7.do you like Roblox?
8.do you like Minecraft?
9.do you like Hopscotch?
10.Do you like forums?
11.do you like the Hopscotch forum?
12.are you on the Roblox forum?
13.Do you like the letter "A"?
14.Do you like the letter"B"?
15.Do you like the letter"C"?
16.Do you like the letter"D"?
17.Do you like the letter"E"?
18.Do you like the letter"F"?
19.Do you like the letter"G"?
20.Do you like the letter"H"?
21.Do you like the letter"I"?
22.Do you like the letter"J"?
23.Do you like the letter"K"?
24.Do you like the letter"L"?
25.Do you like the letter"M"?
26.Do you like the letter"N"?
27.Do you like the letter"O"?
28.Do you like the letter"P"?
29.Do you like the letter"Q"?
30.Do you like the letter"R"?
31.Do you like the letter"S"?
32.Do you like the letter"T"?
33.Do you like the letter"U"?
34.Do you like the letter"V"?
35.Do you like the letter"W"?
36.Do you like the letter"X"?
37."Do you like the letter"Y"?
38.Do you like the letter"Z"?
39.How old are you?
40.are you good at coding?
41.do you have a collab account?
42.are you in a collab?
43.whats you favorite number?
44.whats you favorite letter?
45.do you like pie?
46.how much friends do you have?
47.Do you like candy?
48.do you have a YouTube channel?
49.how many subscribers do you have?
50.How many view do you have?
51.are you good at math?
52.are you good at spelling?
53.are you good at reading?
54.Do you like me?
55.Do you not like me?
56.how did you get your name?
57.whats your favorite drink?
58.whats your favorite food?
59.can you solve a Rubix cube?
60.do you like sugar?
61.do you like monkeys?
62.do you like bugs?
63.do you like cats?
64.do you like dogs?
65.whats your favorite animal?
66.do you have any pets?
67.when did you start hopscotch?
68.how do you fell about homework?
69.how do you feel about school?
70.do you like ice cream?
71.do you like chocolate?
72.do you like chocolate ice cream?
73.do you like vanilla?
74.do you like vanilla ice cream?
75.what is your favorite color?
76.whats your favorite book?
77.whats your favorite game?
78.whats your favorite hopscotch game?
79.do you watch Tv?
80.do you have a laptop?
81.do you have a computer?
82.are you still reading this?
83.do you like riddles?
84.heres a riddle if you peel my skin I won't cry but you might what am I? I'm an onion.
85.whats your best project?
86.do you have a featured?
87.do you have a trending?
88.do you have a rising?
89.do you play video games?
90.do you play a sport?
91.do you play football?
92.do you play soccer?
93.do you play tennis?
94.do you play volleyball?
95.do you play lacrosse?
96.do you play tag?
97.do you play hide "n" seek?
98.do you play basketball?
99.do you play hockey?
100.do you play golf?
101.do you play Badmitten?
102.do you play base ball?
103.do you have free time?
104.are you still reading this!
105.what is your favorite season?
106.what were you for Halloween?
107.how much candy did you get?
108.do you like Halloween?
109.do you like thanksgiving?
110.do you like Christmas?
111.do you like new year?
112.do you like Easter?
113.do you like Saint Patrick's day?
114.do you like April fools?
115.why are you still reading?
116.do snakes scare you?
117.Who are you voting for?
118.do you like Donald trump?
119.do you like Hilary Clinton?
120.do you want to be president?
121.if you were president what would you do?
122.Do you know how to do fonts?
123.do you know how to do a flip?
124.do you know how to do a back flip?
125.do you know how longer these questions are going to be?
126.Do you know how to do this?
127.do you know how to do this?
128.do you know how to do this?
129.what are you scared of?
130.are STILL reading this?!
131.whats your favorite book series?
132.do you know diary of a wimpy kid?
133.have you ever been to a play?
134.whats your favorite building?
135.whats your favorite song?
136.who's your favorite singer?
137.are you good at art?
138.who's your favorite artist?
139.Who are your friends on the forum?
140.did you notice that I said a FEW questions?
141.How would you rate yourself at coding on a 1 to 10 scale?
142.can you smile?
Okay my hands so tired how do you rate this?

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Sorry but too much


How is it too much It's only 142