Disrespectful Feedback?!


So today I was checking my activity, the usual.

Then I catch sight of a remix. It looks like it has a message in it, so I anxiously open it up.

This is what I see:

What I think is funny, is how this Hopscotcher 'liked' the project before, which is ironic.

I wrote a message back, but I'm not sure if it's too harsh, please check it out and tell me.


Your pixel art was amazing and don't let anyone bring you down!


Thanks! I wasn't too let down, I just thought it was kind of rude.
I did leave a message in case he (or she) tried to do it to other people.


It was awesome, some people just like to put others down. You might want to take down the message and report the project instead. Firing back is feeding the troll, and can also cause a fight.


I hope this person does not say anything like this again. What did you say back to him/her?


I would just ignore it. I think I could look at your message if you provided a link, thanks :wink:.
EDIT: Just saw it. I think it's fine!


I don't think that you said that too harsh. You were clearly stating the truth. That Drew guy was being really disrespectful and rude.


I also think you should check out their other projects for any other ones like this, just in case.


Keep calm and carry on!
Haters gonna hate
Potatoes gonna potate
Alligators gonna alligate
Graters gonna grate


SmileyAlyssa gonna Smile

Doesn't rhyme, but I don't care! :stuck_out_tongue:


Your awesome at pixle Art! I haven't figured out how to do it yet! Your amazing don't let anyone bring you down! Your one of my favorite hopscotchers!!


Your ice cream pixel art is awesome! :D
^ Really awesome, and cute. :D ^

I don't think your message back was harsh.
You did great! :D


And they do an excellent job with it! :wink:

I'd recommend taking the message down as it may be viewed as hurtful to him. It is correct, but he's just being a troll.


Sound like the illuminati
(Cue the X files theme song)


I would reoport and email becuse they are just jelly!


The best thing you can do is report he project and ignore.
I bet that person just jealous of your amazing pixel art!


The same thing happened to me too! Let me see if I can find it


Take what message down?


Wait... Never mind, I wasn't thinking... Too busy looking at this: http://www.punchbowl.com/holidays/national-potato-day
I don't think well when potatoes are on my mind.


OH I thought you were talking about my post lol