Disposable Emails!


Okay. We all know that email sharing is now banned. But, thanks to @justanerd, I think we may have a new way to share passwords and other things! A disposable email! Here's the link:
What you do is tap the link, and you get a random disposable email. Then, you keep the email tab open. Type the email into a reply, and someone in the collab can email you the info- to that disposable email! It's better then a non personal email, it's literally an email you'll never use again! What do you guys think? Would this work?

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How come disposable emails are prohibited?



I clicked on the link and nothing happened. :confused:


click the link... better!!! xD


Wow this is great! I will try it out!


Yay now someone who has a YouTube I can email them a video and they can upload it for me! Here is my email



Stamp of approval



One thing can you make another hopscptch fourms account and then delete the email and the account would be fine?


So we are allowed to us fake email? Mine is crimesudil@therma.com


I don't think even a fake email is good.


It's fine since once you close the tab, the email address and the emails are deleted! :wink:


Can someone email me at frudrekuku@thrma.com for a test?


My new one is sabustipan@thrma.com please someone Test it and email me!



I guess you can use that to contact me? XD


Here's mine



That is AMAZING! I was thinking of something similar, but it didn't exist, at least to my knowledge!


Can someone tag me?


@everyone Here ya go!




Who is this?

I need to know