Disky's Trivia Game... Thing


The bomb-dog from Undertale? XD :D







Oh my goodness that's awesome XD

I'm remembering the beginning of the Maltesifying stage now...XD


@Bananadog You hit 5 points, wanna request a project or drawing? :D

(Although it won't be immediate because I'm considering joining procrastination enterprises XD)


Nah, that's ok! :DDD
I just like playing these trivia things, they're really fun XD :D

And I think I'll probably be joining PE too XD


Do you guys (idk Banny and GoatLord are probably the only peeps here XD) want a HS or non-HS related question?

  • HS
  • non-HS
  • I don't care just make it easy pls ;-;


Votes are public.


HS because i know one thing about your Non-Hs life
That thing is: bomb dog is ur lock screen


Fine then XD

Who is the most recent person on the forum to like one of my projects as of now?


Let me guess
Its banny isnt it


Woah....that's really hard, especially since you were just featured XD

@CreativeCoder I just re-liked a few of your projects XD
sorry XD


Nope. Banny pretty much liked all my projects already, she can't do it recently XD


Huge hint: I have a nickname for them on the forum.


Its me as of now lol




Now=when I posted the question XD


Lol i know i was joking around
Hence the italics



And I know lol

@Bananadog why XD


Do y'all need another hint

@goatlord no

@lightningstrike no


Is it frostyyyyyyyyyyyyy