Disky's Trivia Game... Thing


sits and waits for another question she totally won't answer correctly cuz senpai jumpyduckz doesn't know her and never notices her

Story of my laif lol


January 31st?


January 31!



That's all I have to say XD



How was I introduced to HS?


You got it for school?

Your friend showed it to you?

You saw it on the App Store and thought "Cool" so you downloaded it?


Your mom found it in a magazine and said "this looks cool try it out"
:D ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


You had school iPads and hopscotch wad on it?


yep XD

I dunno what else to say. Point! XD


Your mom found it in a mag- never mind Banny beat me to it XD


kool the next question should be, "What should be the next question?" XD



What's my most liked project, and how many likes (again, to the nearest hundred) does it have?


idk, the new game thing "change" or somethin and it has 230 hundred likes idk :P





Oh corn beat me nvm XD

cool fact XD
We both got our second features on the same day :D


I really have no idea XD
Was it Design a Leprechaun, with 2600?


@Fishyguitars lol wut

@GysvANDRegulus @Bananadog yes, but you didn't do the first part of the question :000

@RubyStars you got it XD


i'm not even trying XD


Oh ok then XD


muffled voice

ok you guys post too fast i'm outta here XD digs deeper into smol hole