Disky's Project Showcase


So yeah, this is going to be where I post my projects.

I ask that you only post feedback; I only want the posts here to be of the projects and input on them.


I don’t know what category this would go in, so I just put it in Meta-Hopscotch for now.


This one I haven’t “officially” published, but I’d like some feedback on it.


This game will be featured. It is AMAZING!!! Everything about this game is awesome!

my high score is 2, yeah I am pretty bad.


So… would anyone join a tag list for when I post projects?


U can tag me anytime about anything


I would! Your projects are amazing.


You can edit your name in if you’d want to be on it, and I might ask t1 to make it a group sometime.



I think all the bugs should be fixed by now. I also changed the speed increase per point from .5 to .35; the former made it too hard to get past five points.

I’ll get one last link before it goes up officially.

EDIT: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/ywm2yegbn


Game is very good. I didn’t play it much, it’s a bit tricky so my high score is only 3 xD


Thanks, and yeah, that’s why I changed this XD:


bookmarks topic

About the category, maybe Debug My Code?


Yeah, I was thinking that, but most of the debugging is done in my general topic, so I don’t know.


oops I posted on this topic accidentally

Anyway, I’m probably going to post this later today, unless anybody find any more bugs or anything.


Cool topic! I can’t unfortunately load your project, my iPad just shows the “loading” symbol.


I also saw this Ketchapp’s app and was going to recreate it… I’ve already done physics and start screen
Bye my game xD


Okay, guys. Published.

people who want to be tagged



So if anyone wants to be on the tag list, you can join the group @DiskyProjects (broken the tag so people don’t get tagged).

Also, if you put your name on the original list above, can you check to made sure you’re in it? Thanks.


Here’s… a thing. Not a huge project but I think it’s cool.

clones and trails and stuff



Wow I actually published a project

That’s a rarity



Cool! I really like a lot of sin and cos projects including that one.