DISCUSSION: Strange glitch thinks I'm making a topic while making a normal reply!

A strange glitch I ran into on the forum recently has been thinking that I’m making a topic instead of a reply. There are three unexplainable side effects to it. Here are some screenshots.

Let’s discuss what may be causing this glitch!


Charge your phone first

That has nothing to do with the glitch.

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Seriously, I'm not even jailbroken right now. Stop making rude remarks and leave unless you're gonna participate in this discussion.


No it had to do with you jailbreaking your forum


You can't jailbreak the forum.......

Just ignore her. Have you tried restarting your phone? That usually works for me.

He said he jsilbroke his forum

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I'm pretty sure that's impossible..... anyway, let's GBOT.

Yeah, I fixed the problem. This topic is just discussing what could've possibly caused the problem.

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