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People use the :wink: emoji way to much. I know it's supposed to be nice, but to some people, it means I'm better than you. I'm not blaming people who use it, but I just want people to know that even if you mean it in a nice way, people could take it the wrong way? Please tell me if I'm wrong about this.

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I dun even use emojis that much so idk


I don't really see how people could take ":wink:" wrong,
maybe if it's used wrong then people could mistake it for
an insult or what you said. :)

I don't use emojis, so if I'm wrong, I'm sorry. D:

Interesting topic though! :D

The only kind of ":wink:"-type emoticon I would use is ;D or ;),
but I don't really use that either. :P


Hm, I don't really agree. Especially that part about leaders being an exception. Leaders are just people who have proven themselves responsible, caring, and helpful members of the forum- they are more respected, but it doesn't mean you (as a basic user, member, regular, etc.) can't do certain things that they do! Nobody says you can't use :wink: because you're not a leader, it's just the emoticon they use at times.

I don't really care about emoticons, especially this one: :slight_smile:
It looks super fake, but it's the autocorrect for ":)" which is used more, and :wink: is the autocorrect for ";)" so I don't really know Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

But cool topic :D


You took the words right out of my mouth XD


I use :slight_smile: as a kind reminder that I'm not trying to be mean! I do agree, it's a little fake, but sometimes it's necessary! :D


I think :wink: is an okay emoji! It's a winkey face! :upside_down:
Sometimes it's used as a reminder by leaders, but that doesn't mean it's a leader emoji! :wink: <-- see what I did there? :stuck_out_tongue:


If you look through my last 100-200 posts, you'll notice that none of them have ":wink:" emoji (except for this one XD). I suppose the same goes for most of the other leaders. Correct me if I'm wrong.


Saying leaders can do it becuase they are leaders is wrong, everyone's a leader why can people with a badge use it?

Just like saying, "oh I have a sticker I can boss people around and do whatever I want!"
See just becuase there a leader doesn't mean they can do whatever.


Leaders aren't different form the rest of us. We're all humans.


There is no reason to say there's an exception just because they are leaders (although leaders are nice so...)

Anyways, the winky emoji is used to make a "follow the rules" post nicer. I don't use it that often because I think it's improperly used.


:wink: annoys me
Only because of this forum though
This forum taught me to see it as 'you did something wrong'
I dont see it as making the post nicer
It just rings arrogance to me
Not that the people that use it are arrogant
The emoji its self just rings arrogance to me


I really don't like when ppl use that emoji. To me if feels like they are saying, " I'm right your wrong" I know that they don't intend to have it used that way but that's how I feel. Or it makes them seem like they think they are better than me

:slight_smile: this one just feels fake to me. I really don't like when ppl use it. They should just use :smiley:

I dotnt think that there is an exception for leaders and mods. They are ppl just like us except they have a badge. It doesn't mean that leaders can use that emoji but members, regulars and basic users cant

This isn't directed at anyone and this is just my opinion


I agree except for the leader part. It makes it seem really bossy :grimacing:

I'm not saying that leaders are bossy, but the winky emoji sort of says, "I know more than you about this, so listen to me." It isn't a bad emoji, but people can use it the complete wrong way.


I don't entirely agree... :sweat_smile:
To me, people use the :wink: emoji to say that they are not trying to be mean or hurtful in anyway and they just are trying to help. But, I'm not very fond of it when people are saying something intentionally rude or mean and add it just to not get flagged or in trouble (not that I've seen others on the forum do this, it is just a vague opinion, nothing specific). So overall, I think it is a fine emoji that can be used by anyone who will use it responsibily. :smile:


I use :slight_smile: a lot as a reminder, instead of a :wink: because I think it isn't as 'pushy' as the winkey emoji. My favorite emoji is probably the :upside_down:!


Yeah :slight_smile: Just seems like a friendly reminder to me
A wink just says to me 'haha you made a mistake and im correcting you'


I consider ":wink:" as a helpful emoji. I don't agree. Earlier in the year people were reminded to use ":wink:" in thier posts. Lots of people is it as a helpful emoji. So I disagree but nice topic!


Lots of people don't agree... I know it's meant to be friendly, but some people don't take it that way. I don't like using it. I like hearing your opinions, though!


This seems kind of disrespectful to the leaders/mods. Maybe you can rephrase?