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Do you guys remember chatrooms? I feel like that was of good use but shouldn't be used on projects. What are your thoughts? I think there should be a messaging button (such as how vine has vms, as an example) or something of the sort. What do you think?


A messaging button would be amazing! I actually have been wanting that!! And, there could be a block button for mean stuff said to you! :smile:


Its a good idea! :slightly_smiling: But we already have a topic for the messaging.


I mean private messaging, like account passwords and phrases and stuff, so you don't need to email! :smiley:


I wasn't talking to you. Messaging is private basically. Sometimes it's not though.


Oh, messaging on the forum is never private. :wink:


What other topic is there?


Messaging would be useful for effective collaboration but people might misuse it for inappropriate chatting and no one else would be able to report it if it's private :pensive:

If it's public I guess it could be in the form of comments (if it were in the form of chats, it would encourage behaviour that is not what Hopscotch is made for) but you can communicate pretty much the same via the forum too.


http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/texting-in-hopscotch/1925 but go ahead and talk about it here...