Discuss moving out the Help With Code topics

Hi MiNi :smiley: and yes important question! (I’m going to answer here as it’s related to the rest of the topic too) Definitely we’re leaving them visible for everyone (so much important stuff in there) As for leaving the category open for edits, I think we’re just going to leave it how it is for now.

We removed Help With Code from the home page list to encourage topics for the other categories, but with the 18,000+ topics,

  • categorising it is quite a lot work for people. I can bulk-move topics, i’d just need to check with people if they’d be okay with that, but also it seems there are some topics where we don’t know where to put things

  • maybe we need more stuff covered with the categories, there are a few category idea topics at the moment for it

  • people seem to be okay with leaving their topics where they are, or maybe there’s not really a new home for it hmm…