Discuss moving out the Help With Code topics


That turned out really messy, I'm going to make a separate topic for the banner.


@t1_hopscotch :DDD


Hmm try it again for a second, I would like to see it :DDD


I was just about to reply, I think we might want stuff to go out of there at the moment, rather than in, but I don't know :slight_smile:


Ok ;-;

Can you put a random post as a banner? Or does it have to be the introduction post?.


Aw I should have added, one of the things is I don't know what we should do with the old category or what we want to use it for. So that is one idea you have just raised – using it as an archive :smiley:

And yeah it has to be the intro post

@Dolphin_coders I included your idea of archiving in the original post :smiley:


I'm sure there'd be a way to bulk move all the topics out of the category...

This is turning out pretty big.



I found out how to move all topics in Help with code to another category. (Better late than never...)

Important poll at the top of the topic. I put those options because:

If we move all the HwC topics into another category and leave them to move out from there, isn't that the same effect as keeping Help with code open instead? :thinking: Unless we don't want more topics to go into Help With Code, I guess.

I'd rather decide this as a community :blush:


I think we should just leave help with code as it is. Maybe we can help to inform people better about what the category is, and work on moving topics out, but leave it at that.


Hi CreativeCoder :blush: when I think more over what you said, that's pretty much what people have ended up doing right now too — so it's probably easiest.

THT initially didn't want more topics going into the category so that is why creating new topics was turned off, but it also meant we couldn't edit old topics in there. I don't know if we should discourage more topics going in at the moment.

On informing people, we could update the category description to say that this is an old category too. I guess it will still remain at the top for when people have to choose a category for a topic though.


I think we should move them all to seperate categories

It makes things less chaotic and more organised


You did this to my topics, I think that we should take them out and then let the topic creator decide what category to put them in. If the creator wants the topic unlisted or closed, they could tag you or a THT member.


This is confusing....I think that we should let the creator of the topic take them out and put them in whatever category they want.


This is a great topic senpai!


Yeah, I just saw about a dozen "Good replies" and "Good topics" or whatever.


Yeah hmm at the moment the HwC category is still open for basic and above, and I've noticed people moving topics out or just leaving them as they are as well (which I think will be okay)

I've turned Help With Code off from the home page at the moment; the category is still exists. It is just not one of the main ones on the home page any more. Let me know if anything funny happens too...

I was thinking about this as well:


wait, so are the topics gone again??


No, it's just you can't access the category from the front page. Either you can scroll down Latest to find a topic in that category, or go to:


Yeah @MiNi, it was just what @MR.GAM3R said :relaxed:


Hi MiNi :smiley: and yes important question! (I'm going to answer here as it's related to the rest of the topic too) Definitely we're leaving them visible for everyone (so much important stuff in there) As for leaving the category open for edits, I think we're just going to leave it how it is for now.

We removed Help With Code from the home page list to encourage topics for the other categories, but with the 18,000+ topics,

  • categorising it is quite a lot work for people. I can bulk-move topics, i'd just need to check with people if they'd be okay with that, but also it seems there are some topics where we don't know where to put things
    • maybe we need more stuff covered with the categories, there are a few category idea topics at the moment for it
  • people seem to be okay with leaving their topics where they are, or maybe there's not really a new home for it hmm...