Discuss moving out the Help With Code topics


We can move at least the most important topics out. We were thinking about leaving the category open for a week but then I saw we could move all topics out. Discuss more about all this here as well if you need help with anything (recategorising, merging etc).


What should we do?

  • Move all topics in Help with Code to another category e.g. #random-stuff and move from there
  • Keep Help with Code open
  • Other idea


Other ideas:

  • Keep Help With Code as an archive
  • Keep Help With Code as it is

Okay let's rescue the Help with code topics. (Yay!! :confetti_ball:) And share any thoughts you have:


  • we are moving topics out of Help With code so please let anyone know if you see a new topic being made in that category
    • we don't want more topics being created in HwC (but do we?) but I needed to set it to that permission so we could move stuff out

I think we could make the moves less overwhelming by prioritising some of these topics:

  • our own topics

  • are/were currently still being used

  • still very likely to be used/contain information that we will still look to

  • will fit into the new categories

  • There was also a lot of confusion with multiple of the same topics open so we went with closing off the older ones.

  • And also what to do about topics that maybe aren't so relevant but are a part of our history?

Move topics out of the old Help With Code category
'Todo list' for forum
Welcomes & Intros

Are we able to see it now? I should add too that the posts were never deleted, it was just invisible to us.


I really like these ideas! I'm definitely up for the idea of moving some out.


This is a big relief. :relaxed:


But wait, you can see them, but you can't reply or do anything on them except like posts.


I can't really edit the categories or titles in any of these topics.


Oh hmm yes now I realise. I can fix that, but just checking initially, are you able to edit your own topics out? If not, I'll have to update the permissions

okay thanks for letting me know @IShallNotBeNamed :thumbsup:


I'm up for the idea.


It's like it was before they were hidden. You can reply, but not edit.


The topics are now unhidden! Are you going to allow us to move them out now, or should we copy the old posts and make new topics?


I'm hoping that we can edit them (rather than having to make new topics!) but hmmm okay the only other thing it seems it will let me change is to let people create topics, but I'm not sure if it will affect editing.

Seeing as we can't edit, I will try that permission to see if it affects that, but we don't want more topics going into Help With Code (let people know and just move them out if that happens) — otherwise yeah we'll have to see :sweat: Bear with me for a moment...


I've updated it, but I suspect it is more to do with the topics being old rather than the category permissions though.


It works! I just moved the old drawing topic out.


Oh yay!!! :confetti_ball: Thanks a lot for letting me know.

(Whew, okay, I thought I would have to change the date for when posts could be edited or something, or worse it would only be me who could move them out :joy:)


You know that topic that Poptart0219 made called "iPad and Camera Photography" or something like that? Is it okay if you move it as well?


And thank you for changing the permissions :)


I updated the category permissions, are you able to move things out now? :thinking:


But these topics are old. Are we going to use the old topics not the new ones we made? For example, we already have a new drawing topic, then there are some general topics, too.


That is a very good point :smiley:

I will include it along with the other ideas I had in the first post (on prioritising topics to move out)


Oh, now I moved it :D