Discourse was updated


idk what new stuff there is besides nukes are prolly fixed

reply to this post then click the icon showing who you replied to

they updsted it


Replies look different, I think.


Yeh i noteced that to


No more nukems!

But there still is the tag and like nukes I think :thought_balloon:


May as well check, eh?


tag and like nukes?


Hey!!! Who’s joining da WOh Contest


Yeah, you can nuke the little green tags up on the top. And there’s an easy spam like (maybe not) bug in which you can max out all your likems in a minute


Ooh what’s this trick?


Idk, I might. I’m not really grasping the concept well though.
I’ll GBOT now. Do forumers still use that term?


It’s a seeecret
You need to ask AHappyCoder because I promised (for the likems secret)


Oops we were totes of topic there whoopsies!


@AHappyCoder what’s the secret for spamming fast?




green tags?
i mean, there’s blue tags…


You can ask AHappyCoder if you’d like, but I made a promise


Oop, I meant the optional tags when you are creating/editing a topic

like #jonnygamer_was_here


@AHappyCoder secret pls???


The spam like-y thing isnt a bug.
it just helps you look at all their posts XD


youre @AHappyCoder methinks