Discourse v2.3.0 beta7 Release Notes Summary (New Features & Bug Fixes) 4/6


For future reference I will try and get these out on the day of the release! There are other admin features that were added but that’s not super important here, but if you want to know about them click the link at the bottom of the post.

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Discourse v2.3.0 Beta7 Release Notes Summary

Flash Summary:

  • If your topic has 0 replies, you can now request for topic deletion and it will be automatically deleted within 24 hours. *

  • Added option to “ignore” a user. The difference between a Muted user and an Ignored user is that you can still see posts from muted users (but no notifications), ignored users you dint see posts or notifications

  • You can now mute/ignore users for a temporary amount of time, rather than forever.

Full Release Notes here:

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Quick update everyone, beta 8 just released today, although it’s mainly just for security.

There was one change though, and that was the word consecutive that got added to the consecutive day badges.




Nice, that is really cool!