Discourage Featured projects with images copied with no credit


When @Liza announced the latest update with the ability to upload pics, she mentioned to give credit to the artist or owners of the images.
This project currently on featured has blatantly just copied all the prepaid sprites on an animated gif and has no mention of the website the sprites were copied from or Nintendo who own the copyright to Donkey Kong.

A project that just has images copied from the work of others shouldn't be on Featured unless something pretty amazing has been achieved with the images combined with amazing code.

A few members here mentioned something like this would happen, and it has.
Please don't reward such activity in future.
@Liza @Rodrigo


This highlights where THT went astray with the subscription update. (Please, everyone, restrain yourself from saying "They need to make money!" That's not being questioned.)

Many of the target users ("Made for ages 9 - 11", App Store) either don't understand the concept of Copyright or won't respect it. Additionally, I believe allowing the import of external images strays from the core objectives of the application - promoting coding, and by extension, creativity for a young target user base.

IMHO an app targeted to ages 9-11 should not encourage them to go find any picture they want on the Internet. I would have designed subscription service to enable a module within Hopscotch for drawing custom Characters/objects (which should be limited to a certain pixel count). Furthermore, the subscription would have added new object called Background (since custom Characters/objects would have been limited in size). This Background object would have a special When event called Before Game Starts. In this event you'd code backgrounds the same way you always have with one important exception. The code would execute in advance (perhaps on the server) and be saved as an image with the project so it's displayed without lag. Export of external images would no be allowed. That subscription service concept stays true to the idea of promoting coding & creativity. It retains the constrained environment and is something I would pay for for my children, ages 5 & 9.


Can I have a link to this



People have been wanting the ability to put pictures in projects for years.

I agree. We need a one-time fee!


One time fees are not very good for THT to keep HS running. They need a steady flow of income.


Goodness all this debate is unnecessary

I sound like my mom ;-;


I agree though. It's just the same debate over and over again across a lot of topics. People have made topics to clarify but still more topics are made :frowning:

Sorry if I sound mad/annoyed/angry/annoying… if I do I'll try and rerephrase it :wink:


I will edit my post above and remove the comment regarding a one time fee. It was not my intention to spark additional debate regarding the cost structure. This topic relates to copyrighted material & use of external images. My intention was solely to suggest an alternative approach to allowing the uploading of external images that could have been or could be employed.


That is absolutely fine. Apologies if I sounded rude, unkind or accusatory.

I do agree that copyrights are an important issue.


It's fine I feel the same way. It's been goning on since Monday


I agree, but THT wants to promote the subscription.


If it's y own art, I don have to give credit, right? If I do a picture of Jacob Sartorius do I have to give credit to him?