Discontinued. Do not read unless you want to waste time


Canceled forever. @BuildASnowman can you shut this down please? Thanks

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1 being bad and 10 being like magmaPOP?
What would 5 be?


It would be meh. Omg stop saying 20 xharacters or more




Please no clickbait.


Why do you want to be this rank?
Its the only thing I'm good at.

How good are you at coding on a scale of 1-10? Be honest.
6 or 7
How many times a day do you make games? Link one down below.
No to often I try to make them good. Im working on good ones but haven't posted any.

What rank do you want to be? (Ranks are the names of the tabs)

How long have you been in hopscotch?
9 months

How often are you on hopscotch?
Every day almost

On a scale of 1-10 being honest, how good are you at coding?
6 or 7




Why does is it called The Hopscitch Team Collab?


It means its on hopscotch. I dont think its clickbait.


HOPSCOTCH TEAM Collab. As referring to The Hopscotch Team.


I dont think he/she meant it like that.


(hopscotch) (team collab)


How is it clickbait? And im serious


Oh ok ill rename it. It was ment to mean A team inside of hopscotch


Answer the all ranks part as well. It says all ranks for a reason.


I did they were the last ones.




I vote for @AwesomeNachos


Omg im so sorry. I have to cancel this post. Im really sorry @PUT_GUT