Disclaimer about fake accounts



I made an account called SmileyAlyssa to prank my hopscotching friend irl. Except my friend didn't notice it yet. I put it up on April fools' day. Sorry @SmileyAlyssa . Report me if you wish. I understand it is usually not ok to pretend to be somebody else. It was the day before April Fools day, and my friend was trying to make me jealous because SmileyAlyssa liked her remix. She told me SmileyAlyssa was her favorite hopscotched, so I got the idea to make a fake account. I will take it down in right after she notices. I emailed her telling her to check her feed for some reason I don't want to share on the forum right now because I'm to lazy to type too much. Sorry. Will you forgive me @SmileyAlyssa ? :neutral_face:


Sorry it's Hopscotcher. ■■■■■■ auto correct. :joy:


Can you replace the s word with annoying?


It's not actually a bad word :wink: But it can be used offensively.


Oh, it's totally fine! Don't worry about it! I don't mind at all! :smile: I'm not going to report you, it's okay! I get it, it's totally fine! :grinning:


Thanks! :grinning: I took it down a few days ago, never got the chance to reply. It is SmokeFoot (Warriors) now. :slight_smile: