Disappearing Text Glitch



Hi! First topic in this category, yay!
Anyways, I posted this earlier, in my general topic, assuming it was a man-made(coded?) bug, but @CreationsOfaNoob suggested it was a Hopscotch bug. So, here's the report. :D

Your username: RubyStars

What kind of device are you using?: iPad 4

One sentence describing what happened: I typed out a long, scrollable paragraph, played it, and near the middle, it disappeared.

Steps to make the problem happen:
1. Type more than 300 words
2. Make the text scrollable
3. Play the project
4. Scroll down past 300 words
I expected this to happen:
I would scroll down, and my entire essay would be visable
But instead this happened:
I scrolled down, and some of my text disappeared.
Here’s a project with the bug: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/youqy69wp



I've made a scrollable paragraph on a website I made. Although half of it didn't disappear, I did notice that a bit of it was cut off. I've had the same problem. But I have no idea what to do.


I just noticed that I do get the bug, I just thought the text was pretty short.

Here's what it looks like to me


Right, that's all of the text on the cover page. But when I clicked "Margaret Tobin Brown" and scrolled, that text was longer, and it cut off...


There s a line limit. It's ridiculously low.


Aw, so it's like the clone limit and there's no way to fix it? Darn.