Disappearing remixes?


(I'm not really sure if this is a bug, but this is the category that closet matched what this I should about)

So I recently got this one remix that I needed to reply to on my extra account, so I did was I usually do, liked it on my main, went on to my extra and to my main accounts section of the profile where the likes go, and the remix wasn't there. So I went to my main account again and saw that I still had liked the remix, but it wasn't showing up in my favorites. I then when to the account of the remixer and the remix didn't appear on their profile either, however it was still in the remix of my projects tab... is it like this with anyone else?
*Edit I checked the others remixes in my remix tab, and none of them are like this



They may have remixed and unpublished to keep from clogging up their profile.


It's unpublished