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Le cough @tankt2016 >; )


lowercase c is NOT A MISTAKE!

a hard quiz

  1. It should be "mistakes"


2. It should be "Can"…


and you're OUT for tonights game!


Well they are mistakes with it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There is two "the's" and mistake is spelt wrong. :D


Aaand the "c" in "can" ought to be capitalised :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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I find 4 mistakes.

  1. The C should be capitalized.
  2. "Mistakes" is spelled wrong.
  3. There's two T's.
  4. There's not two mistakes.



C?! I told everyone that!

Le XD that pun




I think you *exceeded 20 lol





Made it more link-y and found it to not be real


Sorry, just used a completely random link.


remember, lowercase c is NOT A MISTAKE! i just don't like tapping the :arrow_up: button.


double triple gold medal ideas:
email reply(already a badge, should be upgraded to that)
become a true wizard
win a fight with the chakin king
die and then post something after
dislike a post


my favorite spongebob episode is a lost one where all he does is walk

i wanna make that today