Direct Projects To Certain People



I've always wanted to make a secret project with someone else that only they can work on and make sure that someone sees a project that i want them to see. So maybe we can add something where you can add someone's hopscotch name so that they get to see it? Does anyone understand what I mean? Like, you've made a project and you really want to make sure that @AncientViola or @PopTart0219 see it. You should be able to tag them, so they will get a notification that says something like @LotsaPizza wants to show you something! Does anyone understand?


That would be so useful!


I know :joy: it would!


Yeah I think that would be very helpful with probably tutoring another hopscotcher.


Yeah this would be really great for collaboration @LotsaPizza.

I think maybe it shouldn't be secret though, because all code on Hopscotch projects is available for everyone to check out and learn from. And you never know, someone else could share really great ideas with your project as well once they see it.


@t1_hopscotch, what I mean is that you can send drafts to people and they're secret until you publish it. Get it?


That would be soo awesome! ToasterRebellion and I do a lot of projects together, and if any Hopscotchers wanted to do any projects together that would be so helpful!!!


Yeah @LotsaPizza I do get it :smiley: It would be great if that draft stayed public though and available to everyone so that everyone can learn from whatever code there is, even if it's not done. Or people could add to your project and remix it to make it even more awesome too, or help with bug fixing and share their ideas.

Another issue though is that if it is private, no one else would be able to report anything inappropriate if there is something inappropriate, because they can't see the project.

I like the idea of collaboration and maybe being able to notify other people for a collaboration but it can work okay without having to be private :smiley:


Yeah so do me and GummyBunny, and JumpyJosephene!


This would be really helpful when you are working on a group project! Isn't it annoying to see your profile to fill up with chat?


Yeah, @InnerSparkle! It is! And it's also usually, not so nice looking :wink: