Dino Story Compilation

TADA!!! As you may know, I have been writing a dino story on The Imagination Topic, so I'm posting all of the chapters i got so far here. Note: the quotes don't display full chapters bc they are long, so click the links.

I'll post more soon.
Feel free to help me by putting the next chapter here.
To put the next chapter here, do the following:
Quote ONLY SOME of the chapter and make sure to put it before "I'll post more soon".
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Ooo let me read the chapters
K hold on

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How is this hopscotch related?

... I... I wrote that story on a the imagination topic...

And? It is not hopscotch related either.

So..... The imagination topic is allowed.... I was just making it easier for ppl to read my story....

You are clogging up the forum. Please keep these to their separate topics.

Nice story! I really like it!

...... I- .... But..... You want it to be hard to read my story....?

No, I have a newest with 18 topics, only three of them are hopscotch related. I an very annoyed.

... This is forum related.... I- I may code this...

You MAY code this, but when?

Well, it's still forum related....

....No isn't

It's a compilation of posts ON THE FORUM...

It is a compilation of non-hopscotch related posts ON THE FORUM...

Well, the imagination topic isn't hs related....

Sorry to interrupt, but @Mr.rex includes forumers in his story. How are forumers not related to the forum? If he wants to make a story, he can. He doesn't need your say on it.

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It may not be HOPSCOTCH related but Hopscotch is about creativity. Writing an amazing story is creativity.

He never asked you if it were Hopscotch related or not, so I would reccomend staying out of it.

If you think you're going to reply saying something like, "How is this your business?" It's my buisness because I stand up for my friends. I'm done trying to be calm with you.

You need to chill and start using the topics instead of criticizing them.

I know this is going to get flagged.

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